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HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)

How to produce safe foods?

We use a scientific system, HACCP - hazard analysis and critical control points in all stages of production, from the preparation of food to when it arrives at your table.

HORTOSINTRA follows the HACCP rules and favours PREVENTION over CORRECTION for all risk factors and potential biological, chemical and physical hazards.

This means that cultivation, preparation, packaging, storage and transport are always protected by good use of the system.



HORTOSINTRA left behind simple old good plant health practices and included the modern concept of INTEGRATED PROTECTION in its operations. This is a new technology that helps producers farm in a way that is more respectful of humans and the environment.

The aims are:

- To reduce the use of pesticides
- To use chemicals only as a last resort
- To forbid the use of pesticides that are highly toxic to humans
- To forbid the use of pesticides that are highly toxic to other animals (e.g. predatory insects of plagues)
- To forbid the use of pesticides posing a risk of water contamination
- Improving the safety of farmers and others who use pesticides

(Source: Pedro Aroma, Professor Emeritus at Institute Superior de Agronomic)



This is part of the HACCP system. TRACEABILITY makes it possible to follow and locate horticultural products from production and along the complex marketing chain by recording, identifying and transmitting all information for complete food safety. It is also a legal requirement that is faithfully followed by HORTOSINTRA.